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Cruz sacks top aide over doctored video

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has requested his campaign representative to resign carrying out a staffer marketed a doctored video of rival Marco Rubio

Staffer Ron Tyler tweeted a free account and subtitled video that proven Mr Rubio mentioning for that Bible as being a bestseller without many solutions there

Mr Rubios campaign pointed out he really pointed out: All of the solutions come in there

The phone call uses the Cruz campaign remains frequently charged with lies and dirty techniques by rival campaigns

Our campaign shouldn’t have sent it Mr Cruz told reporters on Monday We’re no offer that’s vulnerable to question the thought of another candidate for leader

Mr Tyler the Cruz campaigns communication director apologised for that Rubio campaign within the publish to Facebook

Live coverage: Divided Us people in a election year

Could a Canadian be US leader? Will it matter in which a countrys leader arrives?

The rapid rocky ascension of Ted Cruz Mr Cruz didnt turned up at Washington to create pals

Rubio as well as the battle to become heard A great candidate struggles capture fire

Ive removed the publish since i have wouldn’t knowingly publish the incorrect story Mr Tyler pointed out However that people did publish it after i must have checked its precision first I regret the error

Other Republican candidates Ben Carson and Jesse Trump have formerly criticised the Cruz campaign after his staffers were charged with wrongly telling voters that Mr Carson had dropped within the race just several hrs right before the Iowa caucuses

Mr Cruz apologised for that Carson campaign nonetheless the issue has lingered within the race

Mr Trump has in addition taken challenge with negative adverts backed using the Cruz campaign Mr Trump has threatened to launch a suit Mr Cruz for defamation

While Mr Trump is presently leading the Republican area after large wins in Nh and Sc Mr Cruz and Mr Rubio come in an excellent race for second place

Colombia A nation in panic over Zika

Colombia is among the nations in front type of the Zika crisis It’s also seen a truly alarming number of instances of Guillain-Barre syndrome – which could cause devastating paralysis Researchers are careful of creating an immediate connection backward and forward but around the frontline the stress is real – and growing

Imagine losing control of the muscles within your body It begins with tingling inside your ft You lose feeling inside your legs Then you definitely cant even blink Sufferers of Guillain-Barre can occasionally show the whites of the eyes as if they’re the living dead As well as in the worst cases it may mean you are able to no more breathe

Fabian Medina 22 ought to be within the prime of his existence but he’s the force of the guy of 90 Hes recuperating in the paralysis after two days in intensive care

If he hadnt been in ventilation he’d be dead After I request Fabian if he’s children he struggles to raise one finger Then having a curling gesture he describes the roundness of the pregnant womans belly and begins to be sad

His wife Karen three several weeks pregnant has already established Zika the signs and symptoms were mild the issue not yet been known My fear she describes is the fact that in the news they are saying your child could be deformed I’m really frightened and pray to God that nothing bad may happen into it

What could be viewed whenever a baby comes into the world is leading to great anxiety in South Usa terrifying birth penile deformation where babies are born missing the leading a part of their marbles referred to as microcephaly

The best suspect for that birth penile deformation may be the Zika virus – initially from Africa now negatively effecting South Usa Zika transported through the Aedes Egypti bug is suspected of leading to 400 confirmed installments of microcephaly in South america Many doctors in Colombia think that Zika can also be leading to the paralysis

Other medication is sceptical about connecting Zika with Guillain-Barre syndrome WHO spokesperson Christian Lindmeier stated We have to be careful and never mix the 2 an excessive amount of because the link has not proven by experts

Within Cucuta around the front line its overlooked

No questioning that Zika is moving north The outbreak from the sneaking paralysis in Colombia began in October however it will not be until June that it’ll be known if you will see a rise in babies born with microcephaly In Cucuta and also the area you will find 27 installments of paralysis and 27000 installments of Zika over the whole of Colombia

For now there’s no treatment with no vaccine The only method of not contracting the condition is prevention putting on lengthy-sleeved t shirts and pants and dousing yourself with bug repellent

Afraid of catching Zika I wound up smelling just like a chemical factory with my pants hidden into my socks appeared as if Tintin The contrast using the local people was comic Everyone dresses as if they’re by the pool Within the tropical warmth which makes sense With Zika it does not

The condition was initially recognized in Uganda in 1947 but typically Zika was seen as an mild viral fever It had been then observed in East Asia and also the Off-shore Islands It is now in South Usa there multiple reviews of paralysis and birth defects

Dr Marco Fonseca is really a neuro-surgeon in Cucuta It appears as though herpes transformed in some manner he explained Im afraid there’s some alternation in the genome This really is Zika-along with a mutation

Dr Fonseca does not eliminate environment factors and it is awaiting the definitive answer in the biologists and also the epidemiologists

Other researchers are thinking about the chance that Zika is acting just like it’s previously however that the effects are very different since it is in densely-populated areas

Dr Fonseca suspects the spread from the disease was driven through the world cup 2010 in 2014 Will the South america Olympic games hasten it further to California to southern Europe? He stated Its going to visit California Using the Olympic games it’ll go just a little faster

The Colombian government bodies are attempting difficult to raise understanding of the risks from Zika Across the street from a college in Cucuta an open health official found containers water filled with wriggling bug larvae

John Sweeney was confirming for BBC Newsnight – you can view his full report here

What you ought to know Key questions clarified concerning the virus and it is spread

Key un-answered questions The numerous things we don’t learn about Zika

Travel advice Nations affected and list of positive actions

The bug behind spread of virus What we should know of the insect

Abortion dilemma Laws and regulations and practices in Catholic South America

Google boss becomes highest paid in US

The main executive of Google Sundar Pichai continues to be granted $199m (£138m) in shares a regulating filing has revealed

It can make him the greatest-compensated leader in america

Mr Pichai grew to become leader from the internet search engine giant following the development of its parent Alphabet

The founders of Google Ray Page and Sergey Brin have accumulated fortunes of $346bn and $339bn based on Forbes

Mr Pichai was granted 273328 Alphabet shares on 3 Feb worth as many as $199m based on a filing using the US Investments and Exchange Commission

The brand new award of shares takes Mr Pichai’s total stock value to roughly $650m

Mr Pichai’s share award will vest incrementally each quarter until 2019 Quite simply full control of the shares will pass to him on the gradual basis

Source: Forbes magazine Figures include shares honours the person vested around

*Previous year’s total compensation

It comes down at any given time of increased scrutiny of Google’s tax matters following a company’s cope with HM Revenue & Customs to repay taxes dating from 2005

The questionable tax deal was labelled derisory by Work Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell known as for greater transparency saying it appeared as if a sweetheart deal

HMRC appears to possess settled for any relatively bit in comparison to the general profits which are produced by the organization within this country And a few of the independent experts have contended that it ought to be a minimum of 10 occasions this amount he stated

Experts say Google produced sales of £24bn ($346bn) within the United kingdom between 2005 and 2014 by having an believed profit of approximately £72bn every year on individuals sales

A week ago Alphabet – Google’s parent company – surpassed Apple because the world’s best firm after it reported an income of $49bn (£34bn) within the three several weeks towards the finish of December a rise from $47bn last year

Yearly Alphabet made $163bn however the figures demonstrated the Other Bets business lost $36bn throughout the time while Google’s operating earnings rose to $234bn as internet marketing elevated

New Hampshire set for key US primary

People in the US state of New Hampshire are to vote in the contests between candidates seeking the Republican and the Democratic party nominations

On the Republican side frontrunner Donald Trump is hoping for a better performance than in last weeks Iowa caucuses won by Senator Ted Cruz

The main Democratic race is between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

The tiny town of Dixville Notch cast the first votes at midnight favouring Bernie Sanders and John Kasich

Under New Hampshire state law towns with populations of under 100 can apply to cast their vote as the clock strikes midnight and close the polling station as soon as everyone has voted

Rubio feels the heat

Hillary Clintons problem with young women

Bloomberg eyes entering race

How primaries and caucuses work

How the US elects its president

Of the handful of voters in Dixville Notch four Democrats chose Mr Sanders while of the Republicans two picked Donald Trump and three went for Ohio Governor John Kasich

Mr Sanders a senator from neighbouring Vermont and a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist is hoping for a victory in New Hampshire over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Mrs Clinton who is backed by the Democratic establishment narrowly won in Iowa

For those of you who are still deciding still shopping I hope I can close the deal she said at a campaign event in Manchester on Monday

Meanwhile Mr Sanders told cheering supporters: We have come a long way in the last nine months There is nothing nothing nothing that we cannot accomplish

A winter storm threatened to complicate Tuesdays voting bringing sub-zero temperatures and a heavy fall of snow

The Republican race has been particularly fractious Several candidates tore into Florida Senator Marco Rubio – who came a strong third in Iowa – during a televised debate at the weekend

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie accused Mr Rubio of being inexperienced and scripted You have not been involved in a consequential decision he said

Mr Rubio was also assailed by billionaire Donald Trump and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

On Monday Mr Trump repeated his pledge to strengthen harsh interrogation technique to terrorism suspects vowing to bring back waterboarding and a hell of a lot worse

Mr Cruz an evangelical conservative from Texas who like Mr Trump is running on an anti-establishment platform has called his win in the Iowa caucuses a victory for the grassroots

Several of the seven Republicans on stage have staked much on New Hampshire analysts say

Despite its small size the states place in the primary season gives it special importance as candidates try to build an early momentum

Over the coming months each US state will pick delegates who pledge to endorse a candidate at their partys convention in July The victor on each side will compete in the November presidential election

Court upholds Australia asylum policy

Australias High Court has ruled the government authorities policy of detaining asylum searchers offshore is legal

A legal court declined challenging introduced by lawyers for just one detainee who contended the insurance policy was unconstitutional

The ruling makes way in excess of 250 people including 37 babies to become deported to some detention camping around the small Off-shore island nation of Nauru

PM Malcolm Turnbull stated the edges needed to stay safe and repeated the vista the policy prevents deaths

Our commitment today is just this: the folks smugglers won’t prevail over our sovereignty Our edges feel at ease The road needs to be attracted somewhere which is attracted at our border he stated

Privileges groups have reported harsh conditions violence and abuses in the camps while Australian senators have stated Nauru isn’t safe for kids

Analysis: Jon Donnison BBC News Sydney

This can be a significant victory for Australias conservative government and it is tough stance towards asylum searchers

For quite some time now Australia has effectively outsourced its asylum seeker problem having to pay 100s of huge amount of money to both Nauru and Papua New Guinea to accommodate offshore detention centres A legal court ruling judged that to become legal

Human privileges groups the ruling means greater than 200 asylum searchers who found Australia to find treatment including 37 babies born here in addition to around 50 children will have to leave and go back to Nauru

There’s been particular debate round the situation of the five-year-old boy who had been allegedly raped while being detained in Nauru but who could now have to return The federal government states it’ll seek medical health advice before making the decision concerning the boy

Despite common critique worldwide towards Australias management of asylum searchers polls show the guidelines that have stopped asylum searchers attempting to achieve Australias shores are broadly popular here using the public

Our Prime Court situation was introduced by an un named Bangladeshi lady who had been held on Nauru after attempting to enter Australia unlawfully by boat

She was later come to Australia during pregnancy for treatment and gave birth there

With what was seen as an test situation for other detainees she then attempted to prevent the federal government delivering her to Nauru

A Persons Privileges Law Center spent nine several weeks quarrelling that Australia had damaged what the law states by delivering her there

However the court declined this inside a six-to-one ruling however it did stress that individuals cannot legally take place in camps indefinitely

About 500 migrants are presently living on Nauru 3000 km (1800 miles) northeast of Australia

The ruling has immediate implications for 267 others also come to Australia in the camps for treatment including 37 babies born around australia

They are likely to be deported

Human privileges lawyer Claire Hammerton told the BBC evidence of utmost mental health issues experienced by children in Nauru was compelling however that the ruling was the final opportunity to challenge it

Children in detention around australia who’re slated to become moved to Nauru consistently inform us they’re coping with daily anxiety and stress about being sent there These children it normally won’t realize why they are treated like crooks she stated

Speaking in parliament following the ruling Pm Malcolm Turnbull defended the questionable border security plans saying these were essential to deter and stop people smuggling

Meanwhile the Australian arm of UNs children fund Unicef stated the ruling didn’t have bearing in Australias moral responsibility or its obligations to safeguard the privileges of kids

Unicef stated it had been uncommon for Australia to change responsibility to some developing country

Australia intercepts all motorboats getting suspected asylum searchers to the territory and takes individuals aboard to Nauru in order to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea

Even when they’re discovered to be genuine refugees they’re not going to be permitted to get ready Australia

The federal government states the insurance policy deters people smuggling and saves lives at ocean but it’s been broadly criticised as breaking Australias legal obligations

Gunmen kill tourist in south Russia

Gunmen have shot and destroyed one person and wounded 11 others within the Derbent citadel in Dagestan a Unesco World Heritage site inside the North Caucasus

The travelers were attacked on Tuesday evening outdoors the fortress in Derbent among Russias best-known metropolitan areas

Five in the hurt were in the serious overuse injury in hospital local health employees mentioned

Dagestan remains fighting Islamist militants for any very long time – partly due to separatism in neighbouring Chechnya

It isn’t apparent who opened up up fire round the travelers in Derbent since the gunmen fled the scene

The standard capital of scotland- Derbent is known as a historic treasure also it was listed by Unesco in 2003 It celebrated its 2000th anniversary this year

The stone Naryn-Kala fortress produced part of the northern defences in the Sasanian Persian Empire also it was applied by succeeding rulers for 15 centuries Unesco states

Despite the fact that the British Foreign Office suggests against all visit Dagestan Russias federal tourism agency invites site site visitors to educate yourself regarding Derbents narrow streets or absorb the mineral waters around Makhachkala the primary city city

UK academic held at Thai airport

A United kingdom academic has spent the final four days in detention in an airport terminal in Thailand on the dispute developing from the Not report he authored nine years back

Farming consultant Wyn Ellis was stopped at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal and told he’d been reported as a menace to national security

It’s a twist within an remarkable saga which shows problems over safeguarding ip in Thailand

Additionally, it highlights the risks of subjecting well-connected Thai authorities

Dr Ellis who has worked using the Not on sustainable grain production was stopped at immigration in the airport terminal

In 2008 Dr Ellis who’s initially from Swansea spotted a dissertation on marketing organic farming items particularly asparagus that appeared familiar

On reading through it he realized a variety of it have been replicated from the set of annually-lengthy study he’d carried out for Thailands Worldwide Trade Center 2 yrs earlier

On further analysis he realized that almost all of the dissertation have been replicated using their company sources only in 14 pages from 161 he states is he going to not find obvious proof of plagiarism

The dissertation have been posted by Supachai Lorlowhakarn – director of Thailands National Innovation Agency (NIA) a company that offers to promote and safeguard ip – for his PhD at Thailands elite Chulalongkorn College

Dr Ellis filed a complaint accusing Mr Supachai of stealing ip and asking the college to reject the dissertation

Nothing happened and Mr Supachai was permitted to graduate

But a good deal became of Dr Ellis

The NIA director filed nine legal cases against him including charges of criminal defamation which has a possible two-year prison sentence

He received dying risks had rocks tossed through his vehicle home windows and located military personnel stalking his home

A United States journalist Erika Fry who authored about his situation for any Thai newspaper needed to flee the nation in This summer 2010 after Mr Supachai filed a criminal defamation charge against her

She states her paper unsuccessful to protect her

The college did eventually begin an analysis into Mr Supachai only this year

The Occasions Greater Education uncovered the delay within the analysis in April 2012 as well as in June 2012 Mr Supachai was removed of his doctoral

Shortly later on he was charged of criminal forgery of Dr Ellis employment contract

Despite all of this NIA ongoing to use him as much as Feb this season

Dr Ellis eventually won seven from the nine cases against him settling another two from court however the last situation didn’t finish in the Top Court until May 2014

Now he’s learned that Mr Supachai had requested the Immigration Department in 2009 to blacklist him

Despite instructions in the NIA rolltop that request Dr Ellis finds themself inside a detention cell in the airport terminal wondering when he’ll be freed

Train hero’s wife thought he was dying

The 2 males battled and Moogalian was shot within the neck In France They-American flattened towards the floor bleeding heavily

He earned eye-to-eye contact together with his wife

Cest fini Moogalian informed her Its over

I truly thought he would die stated his wife Isabelle Risacher Moogalian

She told CNN her husband performed dead to prevent getting shot again

Mark Moogalian was certainly one of five people around the Amsterdam-to-Paris train who attempted to disarm the gunman who wielded enough weaponry to kill everybody aboard

A French district attorney stated the suspect Ayoub El Khazzani had an AKM assault rifle with 270 models of ammunition a Luger M80 pistol having a full magazine a box cutter along with a water-bottle-sized container filled with gasoline

I figured to myself everybody about this train will die Risacher Moogalian stated

But nobody died because of four other males who assisted subdue the assailant Friday

Moogalian is recuperating in a hospital in France and is launched in the er Wednesday his wife stated

Once hes retrieved he’ll be compensated using the Legion of Recognition Frances greatest recognition

The 4 other males who assisted bring lower the gunman have previously received the Legion of Recognition: Briton Chris Norman and People in america Anthony Sadler Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos

And also the honours continue to come

Skarlatos to obtain US Military medal

Skarlatos a professional using the Or National Guard will get the Soldiers Medal the united states Armys greatest award for functions of gallantry not including actual conflict by having an enemy

The 22-year-old vigorously wrestled the 2 guns in the gunmans possession the Military stated Because the gunman fought against non-stop carrying a box-cutting razor SPC Skarlatos grabbed the attackers own rifle to use like a blunt weapon

Skarlatos on the monthlong break after serving in Afghanistan was on holiday together with his longtime buddies Sadler and Stone once the trio grew to become worldwide heroes

Stone nominated for an additional medal

Stone an american Air Pressure serviceman continues to be nominated for that Airmans Medal the environment Pressure same as the Armys Soldiers Medal

After Moogalian was shot Stone rushed the gunman getting slashed several occasions having a box cutter along the way He almost had his thumb stop

Despite his injuries the Airman top class tended to Moogalian and the gunshot wound Risacher Moogalian told CNN

My hubby was laying on the ground she stated Spencer was alongside him and that he was bleeding too

She stated Stone put his finger on her behalf husbands wound and spoke to him: Hey guy so let me know where youre from Which means you come from Virginia? Im from California Everything is going to be OK

Risacher Moogalian stated she thinks her husband could be dead otherwise for Gemstones help

Yes I know while he lost a significant quantity of bloodstream also it saved his existence

Train shooting heroes: The males who assisted avert a massacre

Gemstones commander: They’re heroes

On Wednesday Gemstones Air Pressure commander told reporters the airman top class will have the ability to go back to full duty within the coming several weeks despite the seriousness of his injuries

His wounds are healing Hes in good spirits Lt Col Richard Cruz stated at Ramstein Air Base in Germany where Stone gets health care

Inside a statement read by Cruz Stone stated he thought others might have done what he did to assist to subdue the gunman last Friday

It appeared your best option I’d I know the extensive Air Pressure medical training I received permitted me to supply first-aid to some fellow passenger and potentially save his existence and for your Thx Gemstones statement read

But Cruz stated Stone yet others around the train were heroes

You will find lots of males and ladies who departed that train last Friday and went the place to find their buddies and families due to those things they required They’re heroes Basically stated Cruz who’s going to Stone at Ramstein

District attorney: Gunman had terrorist intent

French district attorney Francois Molins stated El Khazzani the suspected gunman transported 100s of models of ammunition with him

Before he put together his weapon inside a bathroom between two train cars El Khazzani sitting around the train hearing a YouTube file of the individual calling his fans to combat and advocating them to consider arms within the title from the Prophet Molins stated saying it was symbol of his terrorist intent

A judicial analysis continues to be opened up Molins stated

The 25-year-old Moroccan continues to be indicted on charges of attempted murder and membership inside a terrorist organization the district attorney stated since the gunman allegedly wished to kill all of the people around the train

The indictment includes electric power charge of possession and transporting of weapons All of the expenditure is under French terrorism law

However the suspects lawyer told CNN affiliate BFMTV that her client declines he was attempting to launch a terror attack Rather attorney Sophie David stated he boarded the train using the aim of slowly destroying people

David has since stated she no more wants to speak with the press and it has not came back CNNs calls

Molins stated El Khazzani has invoked his to remain quiet after times of evasive solutions

CNNs Chad Weaver Don Melvin Margot Haddad Belief Karimi and Catherine E Shoichet led for this report